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EDUCATION: JD, Russian Foreign Trade Academy, 2005 (summa cum laude)

CITIZENSHIP: Russian Federation

SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Russian, English

BAR AND COURTS: Qualified to practise law in the Russian Federation, 2005

Sergey is a partner at our Moscow office and specialises in corporate transactions, M&A, joint ventures, commercial and special projects in a broad range of industries, bankruptcy, dispute resolution and Russian and international taxation.

His experience includes:

  • advised the purchaser in connection with the purchase of a blocking shareholding in a leading Russian pharmaceutical company;
  • advised the seller in connection with the sale of a 100% share in a Russian glass-façade holding in favour of a foreign private equity fund;
  • advised the purchaser in connection with a minority shareholder buy-out in one of the largest recreational projects in the Moscow region;
  • provided legal support to the creditor in connection with a number of transactions related to the settlement of a bank debt of one of the largest Russian mobile phone retailers owed to a Russian bank;
  • represented the client in a dispute with a contractor regarding the contestation of the volume and the cost of the actually executed work;
  • represented the water user in a dispute with a state body regarding the violation of the client’s rights to use a water area in the Moscow region;
  • developed a perpetual charity financing structure;
  • structured the transaction and represented the purchaser in course of an international sale of high-precise radio-electronic equipment from a leading Russian manufacturer (state enterprise);
  • represented the purchaser in the acquisition of an operating business centre in the historical centre of Moscow;
  • represented the investor in the structuring and support of a transaction concerning the acquisition of a control stake in a trophy asset – a 5 star hotel at Cote d’Azur;
  • represented the investor in the structuring of the ownership of a number of assets by means of a combined closed-end investment fund;
  • developed and implemented the restructuration of a group of foreign companies with due account to various aspects of the tax and corporate law of Cyprus, the BVI, the Seychelles and Russia.