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Delay in Filing a Notice of Participation in a Foreign Company

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The Firm has tackled a case of a client who failed to meet the deadline for filing a notice to tax authorities concerning the termination of participation in a foreign company, which brought the client to liability in the form a fine of 50.000 rubles due for payment to a tax inspectorate.

A detailed study conducted by the lawyers of the Firm with regard to this case showed no contravention of law on the side of the client. It was found that the authorised persons of the tax inspectorate had committed an error while interpreting the tax legislation with respect to the procedure of filing a notice of participation in foreign companies and the incurrence of liability for non-compliance with this procedure. The arguments of our lawyers were considered by a superior tax authority which consequently delivered a decision on the refusal to bring our client to tax liability.

Our lawyers are always willing to provide you with qualified assistance in case you have failed the deadline for filing a notice of the commencement, change of the share, or termination of participation in a foreign organisation, and faced certain liability measures. Contact us and we surely will help you!