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F+P charitable projects: Marfa Orphanage

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Taking an easy and ironic view on problems can be a coping mechanism in some difficult life situations. This being said, there are those who are particularly vulnerable in the face of challenges of this immense world, say, owing to their age.

This year is not the first time that F+P has been providing financial support to the little ones in our country – those who have found themselves in trouble. It is rewarding for us to realise that in all that grown-ups’ pursuit of well-being and self-fulfillment, there are those who not only see the misfortune of the child in the hectic days, but are also willing to show them affection and give a place to live in. We are happy to tell you about the wonderful Ryazan orphanage called Marfa and the people who are part of it.

Director of Marfa Orphanage, Galina Averina, has done her best so that it feels like real family for the children. And this actually is a large family in which the older children go to school and the younger ones learn with the tutors. As Galina puts it, the goal of the orphanage is to serve the child as a temporary transit point to a better life. Most of the orphans have parents, but for various reasons they are incapable of ensuring that their children have a happy childhood. In fact, the orphanage saves families by giving parents an opportunity to improve their financial and social situation so that in the future the child returns to a safe and comfortable life with their family.

In gratitude for our firm’s involvement in the life of the orphanage, the children have made for the clients and partners of F+P heartwarming New Year presents by their own hands. In the photo we can see how enthusiastic they were about the creative process.

We sincerely congratulate Galina and the children on the upcoming New Year holidays. May they be full of kindness, joy, and hope!

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