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Flightman and Priest Announces Its Partnership with Legium, a Leader in Electronic Document Management Optimisation.

Press Release

(Press release)

Flightman and Priest Law Firm and Legium, a company that provides services for optimising electronic document management in the business sector, have entered into a partnership agreement. The Firm’s clients now have a unique opportunity to push their interaction with counterparties to a new level due to advanced information technologies.

On 8 June 2020, Flightman and Priest Law Firm and the innovator in the area of business process optimisation Legium entered into a partnership agreement. Their cooperation implies the possibility for the Firm’s clients to use the legium.io online resource in their activities, which considerably facilitates and accelerates processes of interaction with counterparties in the business sector. According to the provisions of the partnership agreement, the Firm’s clients get a 20% discount on access to the online resource for the first three months.

A unique feature of this resource is the possibility for the user to remotely identify a counterparty and request them for electronic signature of the required document without using flash drives. A document signed this way has the same legal force as hard copies. The possibility of applying this method of signing documents is specified in clause 1 of article 160 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, as well as the provisions of the Bank of Russia. For entrepreneurs and accountants, the use of the legium.io solutions will mean significant optimisation of time and costs when interacting with counterparties. In particular, this will help avoid urgent signing of reconciliation reports and other closing accounting documents before each submission of reports, and will also allow to significantly reduce the burden on couriers and paper work.

The legium.io online service is one of the winners among startups that participated in 2019 in the accelerator of Sberbank and 500 Startups. In addition, in May 2020, Sberbank invested 10 million rubles in the service and obtained an interest of 8.06%.

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