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Flightman+Priest Once Again Proves to Be One of the Leading Law Firms in Russia

Press Release

(Press release)

The annual law firm rankings Pravo.ru-300 announce its 2020 winners. This year, Flightman+Priest Law Firm is once again highly ranked in Foreign Economic Activity, Customs Law, Currency Regulation and Tax Advice.

On 4 December 2020, the prestigious Pravo.ru-300 rankings announced the list of leading law firms doing business in Russia.

F+P Law Firm has reaffirmed its status as one of the leading advisory service providers in the field of Foreign Economic Activity / Customs Law and Currency Regulation keeping its position among the “silver medalists” in this category. Also, the successful F+P tax advice practice has resulted in the firm once again entering the list of leaders in the Tax Advice and Disputes category.

An interesting fact about it is that Russia’s leading law rankings’ high opinion of F+P services was given amid the ongoing pandemic crisis and general economic recession in the country. This shows a correctly chosen development strategy of the firm and a high level of competitiveness in the sector.

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